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Boiler Insurance Scheme

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Bluefin Boiler Insurance.We offer a comprehensive insurance scheme which can cover your complete heating system. The scheme is administered by Bluefin.

Why do I need protection?

Modern boilers are designed and built to high standards, and can normally give years of efficient performance. However there are occasions when the unexpected may happen and the boiler breaks down and need to have expensive components replaced.

Bluefin’s Annual Safeguard provides protection on an annual basis against the cost of replacing components that may have failed along with the associated labour charges. The cover is available for conventional, combination  and condensing gas or oil fired appliances which have been serviced annually.

norwich unionAnnual safeguard has been devised by Bluefin who have over 40 years experience in heating insurance, and is underwritten by Norwich Union, one of the UK’s largest and most respected insurers. It offers you protection against unforeseen and costly repair bills and is renewable annually. With its competitively proced premiums it represents truly outstanding value. Its terms are simple and claims can be made with the minimum of fuss.

What does it cost?


Annual premium

Conventional boiler



Boiler only



Boiler and system




Combination/condensing boiler



Boiler only



Boiler and system



Prices valid until April 2010 and include government insurance premium tax

Further details can be obtained on request.